Bernie Sanders Reads Some Statistics

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) discusses the economy on the floor of the Senate.

In Today's News - Maybe

Maybe, “Politics” and “Government” are two entirely different words for a reason.

Maybe, our collective blind spot lies in the semantic confusion between the ideas of “politics” and “government”.

Maybe, the term “politics” pertains to the struggle between our varying ideologies that our most gullible and ambitious citizens routinely take to a near religious level.

Maybe, the term “government” refers to a myriad of processes that our various government agencies might, or might not, routinely do every day.

Maybe, politics is subjective.

Maybe, government is objective.

Maybe, government is only a tool.

Maybe, politics is merely an argument on how that tool is used.

Maybe, politics has its place.

Maybe, government is measurable.

Maybe, we could set goals and benchmark the data to make projections and learn from the results.

Maybe, our ancestors routinely went to the moon decades ago and we wanted to devolve.

Maybe, we too collectively yearn for the potential to do whatever we want to do.

Maybe, government is the tool we use to achieve that goal.

Maybe, politics is the reason we don't use government to achieve goals.

Maybe, government can and should be measured and tweaked to drive innovation and pinpoint efficiencies for the betterment of all humanity.

Maybe, we could work on defining objectives and reach “for the stars” again.

Maybe, the objective should be to think objectively.

Maybe, the Objective Party?

Bill Maher Slams the Idol of the Right

Bill Maher brings a much needed, fact-based tirade against the idea that Ronald Reagan was too liberal to make it in today's political climate. Enjoy!

Buying Power: The History of Consumer Activism

Author and Professor Lawrence Glickman discusses the difference between buying power and political power in America. Glickman is an expert on the "free product movement", the plan by the North abolitionists to boycott slave-made goods and to only buy products made by free labor.

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