A Call for a Better Narrative! We want your ideas!

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A Call for a Better Narrative! We want your ideas!

SAVING REALITY NEWS - (From the Editor) If you want a better world, hear me out. I typically try to overlook semantics and search for the meaning in the message, but I keep reading that “government” is the problem. I feel we need to stay away from that tone in our rhetoric. I suggest we step back for a moment and try approaching our problems from a less hateful/deeper perspective. Semantics are important! Our problems can and will be solved. When is up to us! We are not doomed. Find the light!

Okay, to start, I ask that you consider these questions: Why would the establishment media want to convince you that government is bad? Why would they push the idea that our government is too big, when in fact it is comparatively smaller than it has been in 50 years? Why would they blame our perceived financial problems on the recent boom of unemployed who are now dependent on the safety nets they paid for? Why would the establishment media propose that the wealthy conglomerates may benefit from deregulation while creating more and more regulations for the masses? Why doesn’t the establish media ever really intrigue you to think about representative government? Is the underground media missing the broader concept behind our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, which is WE are our own masters with inalienable rights, who can collectively form a more perfect union?

Here's the rub; if you sit around and blame our government and not the oligarchs that fund the councils, committees, think tanks, media conglomerates, lobbyists and politicians that plant the seeds of discord for short term profit, then I ask you to rethink your position. Yes, at the current moment they are mostly the same people, but that has not always been true and doesn’t need to remain true. We need to focus. Fighting the police and military, and antagonizing our legislators isn’t working because they aren’t the problem, they are the tools of the puppet masters. To the weak of mind, the tone that goes with this fight undermines the efforts of those that actually care if the streets are safe, the bridge you drive over isn’t about to collapse, or that you have a working sewer system so you don’t live in your neighborhood’s excrement. Public service is not bad and not every public official is on the Koch brother’s payroll.

Logic should tell us that we need to stop fighting puppets. I know we all want to scream at them, but trust me, screaming at puppets doesn't work! Most of them would agree with us if we just spoke with them a little more rationally. We can gain more ground if we tie our own strings to them and fight to pull them in the right direction. That means incorporation, not intimidation or denigration. Most are turned off when they ask a question and people start telling them they are stupid sheep and that they need to wake up. Gee, I wonder why? Most of those people believe in America and we need to use that to our advantage, not bash them for not initially understanding our perspective.

Even though I don't truly believe anyone in the underground media believes differently than anything I’ve said, parroting the use of the word “government” as a generic scapegoat catch-all for our anger muddies the perceptibility of our collective power and dulls our chances of meaningful revolution. Our problems lie in the policy changes that our establishment politicians (who are owned by globalist conglomerates, who work for their investors, who depend on the central bankers) have implemented which are responsible for our lack of equality and opportunity. (Supposedly, we've got a guy working on a list of these investors. I hope he was serious.)

My point is, let's watch what we are saying and not undercut the narrative of the American Dream on the way to awakening the masses to the problems we face. The rhetoric that’s convincing millions of Americans to hate the "government" undermines our incredible constitutional form of government, which is WE THE PEOPLE's best avenue to regaining our independence from the debt masters. I propose we stop unconsciously helping the oligarchs with their narrative! Our Constitutional system is not dead and we still have the freedom to inspire the change we desire in the public arena. Again, I suggest that we cut the strings of the puppet masters by personally tying our own strings to their puppets. Instead of occupying streets and parks, we need to occupy the attention of the legislators and police with personal connections and rational ideas. Change minds! Regardless of what the mainstream and underground media seem to be implying, this is still a free country and we still have the right to personally speak with our government officials or even run for their office if we disagree with their views. If you chose the latter, I would suggest running independently. The best form of protest is mass involvement, not mass gatherings. Let’s try to change minds with inspiration, not hatred!

In conclusion, let's move forward. If you were implementing policy, what would you propose? Here are a few ideas to get you started in the right direction of unity and peace. Please help us add to this list or tell us where we are wrong! We will share all great ideas!

10. Remove all current forms of taxation and replace them with a 1% tax on the currency and credit derivatives market.

9. Replace Congressional/Presidential Retirement Plans with Social Security.

8. Replace Congressional/Presidential Health Insurance Plans with Medicaid/Medicare.

7. Urge Congress to resume control of our currency.

6. Place an excessive tax on refined oil exports to be used to subsidize electric vehicles.

5. Require that no employee can make less than ten percent of the total wages and benefits of the entity's highest paid person/investor.

4. Create a universal policy that two laws must be repealed for every new law created.

3. Penalize any publicly traded company that has moved operations outside of the United States until the entity resumes and maintains their highest levels of US employment.

2. Set up a subsidized/interest free bond pool for struggling Main Street type entities and small municipalities that don’t have access to outside funding.

1. Quit electing Republicans and Democrats.