Five seldom examined political paradoxes

SAVING REALITY NEWS - Doesn't it seem like we're missing something? America seems to have perpetually expanding trade gaps, employment gaps, and productivity gaps. Our politicians blame this on a debt problem, an entitlement problem, and stagnant growth, but isn't there a cause for those effects? Well, of course, but we don't logically address any of those issues. We allow the extreme elements of our political parties to control the narrative, which keeps us distracted on peripheral problems. There is a science to the methods of politics and governance; however, our fringe parties treat political philosophy like a religion. Regardless of direct evidence, partisan players cling to their talking points and political faiths. Here, five seldom examined paradoxes will result in five questions that those who control our system don’t want to hear. Enjoy!

Free Trade vs. Local Production

In a country that hasn’t shut up about national security for over a decade, America sure seems willing to give up its financial security. We have given up our means of production to please the investment class. The unrelenting bombardment of the concept of “free trade”, through policy changes since Nixon, has wrecked our economy, cost us millions of jobs, and most importantly removed us from the production process, which is where innovation, investment opportunities, and profits manifest. Why did we give up on the fight to produce, and innovate, quality American made products so easily?

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'Obey': Film Based on Chris Hedges' 'Death of the Liberal Class'

British filmmaker Temujin Doran has released a new movie that is based on the book "The Death of the Liberal Class" by Truthdig columnist Chris Hedges. The film, titled "Obey," explores the rise of the corporate state and the future of obedience in a world filled with unfettered capitalism, worsening inequality and environmental changes. Warning: Viewers may find some of the clips in the film disturbing.

The Haunted Windchimes - A Ballad of Human Progress

The Haunted Windchimes perform thier original song "A Ballad of Human Progress". This group presents an excellent line-up of talented artists and are always fun to watch.

The Right is banking on our ignorance

SAVING REALITY NEWS - After several highly publicized mass murders, an incredibly profitable debate has arisen - Guns: Should Americans be allowed to have them? It seems like a totally unavoidable question, but upon further inspection, it seems only one side is seriously entertaining this particular debate.  Should we be worried that entirely way too many folks on the right seem to think that guns could be banned and confiscated any day now?  Is there anything to that? The left seems to be in a response mode which only includes two elements; talking about having a debate about registering guns and banning certain high volume artillery. Both sides are arguing different issues, which is resulting in a lot of confusion. Upon seeing the dollar signs from the frenzy created around this debate, the media has done an excellent job of scaring the hell out of their misinformed, and seems bent on prolonging the chaos. This whole argument is ridiculous and a lot of people are banking on us being stupid enough to have it.

In all reality, there never was enough support to meaningfully change gun laws in the first place, so hinting towards the contrary was a tremendous political gaffe on the President's part, a gaffe in which the NRA has made a mint. Since the State of the Union, the NRA and conservative media have managed to gain traction with a delusional campaign against an impending tyrannical oppression; a brutal fascist morphing of the entire nation, where big government is going to forgo the Constitution and confiscate the nation’s guns.

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