The OMB releases the White House's FY 2013 Budget Proposal

SAVING REALITY NEWS - The FY13 budget request contains $3.75T in expenditures and $2.9T in revenues. The GOP believes its full of waste and Dems feel the Bush tax cuts have left us short. Both have valid points and stubborn tendencies. Click here to view the FY13 Request.  The fiscal year begins October 1st. Do you think they can agree on a budget this year? Dig in, learn something, and tell us what you think! 



Why This Site Exists!

SAVING REALITY NEWS - Have you ever took the time to admire a 1950's American automobile?  The cars were big and sturdy.  They were heavy enough to get good traction in any weather.  The body and frame were made of solid steel and the inside had plenty of leg room.  The engines were huge and were also made of steel.  Their construction was simple and if something broke it could easily be fixed.  One felt a sense of satisfaction after dialing in just the right frequency and the radio station boomed in crystal clear. They were covered with chrome and they were beautiful machines that had an air of magnificence.  Most importantly, every part of a 1950's American automobile was dreamed up, built, distributed and sold by a vibrant American workforce. Read more »

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