Bill Moyers investigates ALEC

Bill Moyers investigates the American Legislative Exchange Council, a group that has major effects on free-market enterprise, limited government, and federalism at the state level through a nonpartisan public-private partnership of America’s state legislators, members of the private sector and the general public.

Paul Wellstone on Grassroots leadership

Paul Wellstone was a great leader. If you do not know his story. . . Learn it!

Turning the "fiscal cliff" into the "fiscal ramp"

SAVING REALITY NEWS - If you’re a warm blooded human being, you’ve probably heard about the “fiscal cliff”. The “fiscal cliff” refers to a scenario that is set to unfold over the next few weeks. It consists of multiple pieces of fiscal legislation that are expiring at the end of the year, threatening tax increases and automatic spending cuts to programs effecting everyone. In this article, we will break down each element, look at the original intent of the laws that are expiring, and then propose solutions that the two parties, Wall Street, and Main Street should be willing to embrace.

Before we get started, let’s analyze the tone surrounding the “fiscal cliff” and what that means. Many are worried that a grand bargain can’t be reached by year’s end, because neither party is willing to budge on what they perceive are fundamental core beliefs. Others believe that the situation is so dire that Congress can no longer kick the can down the road and therefore by necessity will have to compromise to save us from crippling taxes. Both sides have compelling arguments, but as the crew at CNBC have coined, we need to “Rise Above” the politics and come to rational solutions aimed at creating a sense of stability to the markets and a signal that meaningful future growth is still realistic. If we "Rise Above", things will get better. It’s hard to understand why CNBC would want to take the volatility out of the market, but on the other hand, maybe they are picking up on Cramer’s optimism and enthusiasm and itching for a productivity boom. Anyway, before this becomes a commercial, let’s get back to the subject at hand, which is the “fiscal cliff”.

Ron Paul's Final House Speech

Congressman Ron Paul's final speech on the House floor. He will be missed.

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