A Call for a Better Narrative! We want your ideas!

SAVING REALITY NEWS - (From the Editor) If you want a better world, hear me out. I typically try to overlook semantics and search for the meaning in the message, but I keep reading that “government” is the problem. I feel we need to stay away from that tone in our rhetoric. I suggest we step back for a moment and try approaching our problems from a less hateful/deeper perspective. Semantics are important! Our problems can and will be solved. When is up to us! We are not doomed. Find the light!

Okay, to start, I ask that you consider these questions: Why would the establishment media want to convince you that government is bad? Why would they push the idea that our government is too big, when in fact it is comparatively smaller than it has been in 50 years? Why would they blame our perceived financial problems on the recent boom of unemployed who are now dependent on the safety nets they paid for? Why would the establishment media propose that the wealthy conglomerates may benefit from deregulation while creating more and more regulations for the masses? Why doesn’t the establish media ever really intrigue you to think about representative government? Is the underground media missing the broader concept behind our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, which is WE are our own masters with inalienable rights, who can collectively form a more perfect union? Read more »

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