TV Show Clips

The following 100 TV clips are from some of the greatest TV shows of all time.  They are in alphabetical order, so don't feel like we are ranking these clips in any way.  Some clips could not be embeded and can only be viewed on YouTube.  Please enjoy and try to find something new!  Clips with an * contain foul language and/or may not be appropriate for all audiences.

Abbott and Costello Show

One of the greatest bits of all time!

Ali G Show

Ali G interviews Newt Gingrich.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Alfred's Cure for Insomnia.

All in the Family

This bit is timeless and seemingly timely.

Andy Griffith Show

Andy Griffith Vs. The Patriot Act

Arrested Development

There is always money in the banana stand.


Classic Murdoch jibber jabber.


Yeah, I know this is from the movie.

The Benny  Hill Show

Can you blame him for writing these scripts?

The Berenstain Bears

Still teaching good ol' traditional moral benevolence!

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